Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Look Back

Well a tough end to the season, non-stop work days, and wedding planning issues, and before you know it, it's been over a month since posting. Well the perfect storm of busyness and tiredness has subsided for a week or two so I thought I'd go back to what I had said in the beginning of the year.

Well if Matt Holliday's phantom tag of home plate was called correctly I would of had 2 of 4 NL playoff teams right, but he was called safe and San Diego was out. The good news I picked 3 out of the 4 AL teams correctly. The bad news, the one I was wrong on was the Tigers. As for my award predictions, lets just say I was really lucky getting Dustin Pedroia right, because I was waaay off with every other pick.

As for the World Series, douchey fan base aside, I hope that Boston wins. Why? Well if I keep stating that the AL is a better league than the NL, I kind of have to root for the team that represents them. Also, I'm not sold on the "feel-good" aspect of the Colorado team. Why should I root for them, because they are riding a ridiculously long winning streak? That doesn't make me feel good, that makes me feel even more pissed that the Tigers couldn't do that. Plus I don't care than Todd Helton's never won anything. His stupid goatee makes him look like the Domino's Oreo Cookie pizza guy.

Give it time Todd...Give it time

Speaking of annoying commercials, if Mr. Helton doesn't get hurt as the University of Tennessee's starting QB, there's a good chance we're not watching Peyton Manning cut that meat 15 times every Sunday. Also, I have an unnatural hatred for all things Colorado, dating back to the days where John Elway's huge teeth were terrorizing the NFL and the Claude "Le Turtle Grande" Lemieux led Avalanche. Finally, I just can't root for a team that wears purple. So there's that.

I wont make a prediction, because history has proven me very crappy at it. But I will watch and it should be a good series.