Monday, January 07, 2008

Georgia (on my mind)

2008 has brought a big move for me. As the updated title of the blog, and the about me sections have listed, I am now resident of the state of Georgia. My few days in Georgia I have found out 2 things. 1) Football (pronounced foobaw) is king. This I found out last Saturday when trying to find a bar with NBA league pass to watch the Pistons-Celtics game. Three bars tried and no luck, but every TV in the bars had the Pittsburgh-Jacksonville game on. The number one story in the local paper is LSU-OSU. There's little mention of other sports, even the high school section appears before the NBA or NHL sections 2) The NHL All-Star Game is in Atlanta this year. Tickets are all sold out, but i might have to make the 20 minute drive into Atlanta to see if I can catch a glimpse of Zetterberg, Datsyuk, or Lidstrom.

Even though I'm down here in "the ATL" as the kids are calling it, with XM and DirectTV I will be able to watch or hear every Tiger game. The downside is with inter-league play on the West Coast this year, this might be the first time I don't see at least one Tiger game in person since I was 15. My best bet was for a game in Tampa Bay, but I will actually be back in MI for a wedding that weekend. There still is the off chance for a field trip to Lakeland, but that's still up in the air. So as the season draws closer I hope to post more often, and give a glimpse into what the media in other market has anything to say about the Detroit teams


Big Al said...

Good luck down there in SEC and NASCAR country!

It's actually quote nice, my dad lived in the suburbs of the ATL for several years. It's just not the hotbed for all things sports, unlike the D.

Glad to see you posting again!

Ian C. said...

Hey, I hope you're enjoying the south. Grits and sweet tea for everyone!

As Big Al said, the people do like their SEC and NASCAR down there, along with some ACC. Based on my limited experience, I'm not sure there's much interest in the NBA.

We'll do our best to bring you as much Detroit flavor as we can on our blogs.

All the best to you.