Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Weekend In Cleveland

That's it. Only one win against the team that traded away it's best hitter and pitcher, and it took 12 innings to get that win. I refuse to watch a team with only 3 series wins in its last 11. A team that turns Carl Pavano into Cy Young. So I am on strike due to unfair watching conditions.

You have another last place team coming in for 4 games here are my list of demands:

- At least 4 runs in every game. Baltimore's team ERA is 4.88. This should happen

- 3 extra base hits a game as a team. I'm looking at you Singuel Cabrera.

- A Justin Verlander complete game. This is more to help my next demand happen.

- No runs given up by the bullpen. JV's going the distance tomorrow, you will be rested. No excuses for sucking

- Curtis Granderson to not strike out when runners are on base. If he does the next community service he does should be in a batting cage

- Win 3 of 4 games. You call yourself a first place, act like it. Beat up on a last place team

Until my demands are met I refuse to be subjected to below average baseball from the Detroit Tigers.

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