Monday, December 07, 2009

Winter Hibernation

Like a the bear, I'm peeking out and seeing what's going on around me this offseason.

On the plus side I have a job that keeps me very busy. On the downside that leaves me very little time to check in on the Tigers. Other then a quick glance at some sites I really haven't had much time to breakdown some of the stories this offseason. So on that note I have some question that I'll leave out that that (I hope) will be answered by Spring Traning:

  • Will Edwin Jackson still be a Tiger?
  • Will Curtis Granderson still be a Tiger?
  • Will the Tigers trade the entire team to the AL East and field a team of laminated Fatheads as a cost-cutting measure?
  • Will Scott Sizemore be able to fill the huge batting helmet left behind by Placido Polanco?
  • Who will be the closer for the Tigers in 2010?
  • What freak of nature occurrence will happen to a newly healthy Joel Zumaya?
  • Who will be the shortstop for the Tigers in 2010? Adam Everett was re-signed in between my lunchtime writing and my drive home
  • How long will Carlos Guillen actually play leftfield?
  • Will there be an under-the-radar deal pulled by Dave Dombrowski?
  • Who will be the the online whipping boy for the Tigers if Rodney and Everett leave town ?
  • Will Dontrelle Willis ever pitch again?
  • Will a big contract guy get Sheff'd before the season begins?

Some of these will probably be answered in the next few days, some maybe in the next few hours (looking at you Edwin Jackson). If big news breaks, I just might have to break out of my slumber again.

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