Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who's my Tiger?

The subject of this inaugural post(and the majority of the post Apr-Oct.) is the team finally giving me joy after years of disgust. The Detroit Tigers. Why now? Well three reasons really: 1) there hasn't been much to talk about recently as you may have noticed 2) After years of poverty I finally was able to purchase season tickets (in left field hence the name) and have seen some things that I thought might be fun to share on this interweb. 3) Now, I have finally have time to write about them.
I am nothing more than a dedicated fan looking to give my two cents on what I see. If you like it great, if not well just go back to looking up porn. So here we go welcome and I hope you enjoy.

My favorite tiger is a little out of the box, but is responsible for everything you see today. Dave Dombrowski. Whether it's fleecing opposing teams in trades (Bonderman for Weaver, Guillen for Ramon Santiago, Urbina for Polanco, Farnsworth for Colon & Miner) or stockpiling the franchise with a plethora of young talent (Verlander, Zumaya, Granderson, Cameron Maybin, and now Andrew Miller to name a few) the only thing I'm fearing is the inevitable offer from another team taking him away. I'm actually excited to see who they can pull in this off season, which is a strange and weird new feeling for me. It makes the pinch of the playoff ticket price hike a little bit more bearable to know that with Dombrowski in charge, chances are there will be more in the Tigers future.

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