Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yankees-Tigers postmortem

Coming out of a series at Yankee Stadium 1-2 is nothing to be disappointed with. Especially with the Yankees struggling in their last few games leading up to this series. The entire series was a close matched pitchers duel. the Tigers come back to a 6 game home stand with the Angels and Mariners coming in.
Some questions:
- Why did Jamie Walker stay in so long this afternoon?
- No Joel Zumaya?
- When will the Tigers realize Neifi Perez was a mistake, and play Omar Infante. It be one think if Perez was drawing walks and stealing bases, but he swings away just as much as the rest of the players on the team. If your going to have a free swinger in there, why not Infante? At least when he makes contact he knocks the crap out of the ball
Some praise:
- Nate Robertson and Wil Ledezma for pitching great in their respective games yesterday. No decision for Ledezma, and a tough luck loss for Robertson but they both kept the Tigers in the games.
- Todd Jones for yet another 1-2-3 save
- Magglio Ordonez for starting to swing the bat and drive the ball deep the way a clean up hitter should.
Crazy Suggestion:
- Switch Guillen and Monroe in the order. With Monroe's power and threat of base clearing hits looming Magglio might get a few better pitches to drive deep. Guillen can fit the speedy contact hitter 2 spot much better than Monroe, and keep that spot warm until Polanco comes back.

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