Monday, June 18, 2007

Game 69 Recap

Tigers 9 Nationals 8

Uh, guys, you know you can win a game without drama every once and a while, right? Todd Jones was within seconds of going Three Mile Island tonight, but somehow he got through the ninth with the Tigers ahead. Part of it seemed the Nats were swinging at everything. Thanks to the miracle of MLB Gameday we can see why. Jones had only two pitches outside of the strike zone. When facing a .174, .217, and .234 hitters I'd say that's a pretty good strategy...except when those pitches you're throwing in the strike zone are in the exact same spot. Three of the five hits Jones surrendered that was the case. The triple looked to be an inside pitch that didn't break and Zimmerman's single he was swinging on the first pitch. As bad as Jones looked, the only guy he came close to walking was Ronnie Belliard, who grounded into the final out. Usually when Jones throws strikes, everything works out. But tonight those strikes, became easy to hit pitches, and almost ruined what was a good night for the Tigers Bullpen. Speaking of that bullpen...look who's here: The Eulgoogoolizer. Eulogio De La Cruz made his major league debut tonight. He showed he had the stuff (well as much as you can one inning into you're major league career against the Nationals) to play the Joel Zumaya part in the pen, until the big guy gets back. So maybe finally some good news for the bullpen?

Tiger Hero:
Carlos Guillen. Yes he did have an error in game, but he drove in three and made two great plays, one to get Nook Logan, and another one on what ending up being the game ending ground ball

Tiger Zero:
Pudge: the only 0fer of the starters, that includes the pitcher Mike Maroth.

Tigers Record:
W - L
40 - 29
2nd Place AL Central (1 GB Cleveland)

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