Tuesday, June 12, 2007

NO HITTER!!!!! (a.k.a. Game 63 Recap)

Tigers 4 Brewers 0

Justin Verlander armed with nuclear heat and wifilurty breaking balls, etched a spot in Tigers history with his performance tonight. Racking up a career best 12 strikeouts, and backed with great defensive plays by Magglio and Neifi (I just bought myself a couple more months in a Tiger uni) Perez; Verlander joined Jack Morris, Virgil Trucks, George Mullin, and Sen. Jim Bunning as the only Tigers to throw no hitters. I watched the whole game, but the ninth inning I had teh same feeling that took hold when I was watching Game 4 of the ALDS. That nervous countdown of every out from the seventh inning on. The gasp and relief when every swing missed, or tossed a ball harmlessly towards a waiting glove. The fist pumps of every strikeout and amazing play. I'll be honest, I was doing other things with the game as background noise, but once I heard Verlander had 7 strikeouts through 4 innings, I pulled up a chair. After 7 innings, I was calling friends to see if they were watching this. After that amazing double play to end the 8th, I wondered how he couldn't get it. After the final out, like Jim Leyland, I had a little lump in my throat, knowing I had just seen history.

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