Friday, September 07, 2007

Game 141 Recap

Finally back and rested enough tot write something after recovering from car ride back from Atlanta and a softball doubleheader. As for Atlanta, it was a pretty cool city. As luck would have it, I did get to catch a Braves game. We went on Sunday, got the $6 upper deck tickets, settled in and I look at the pitching match-up for the day....Tom Glavine vs. John Smoltz. So my first live national League game is between two future hall of famers. Pretty cool even if I was watching it from the 400 level.

Somewhere down there is a Future Hall of Famer

Tigers 6 Mariners 1

Tonight the Tigers looked like a contender. It also helps that they had a guy on the mound who has been their best pitcher all year facing a team that has lost 11 of its last 12. But hey I'll take three in a row any way you can get it. Some more good news is that the Tigers are starting to get some hits from the bottom of the order thanks to no other than Timo (TIMO!!!) Perez. Perez notched two more hits and is making it hard for the Tigers to keep him off the post-season (fingers crossed) roster. The aforementioned Justin Verlander didn't have amazing stuff tonight, but showed he has the makings of being a great pitcher, by knowing what was working and sticking with it (pay attention Mr. Zumaya). His breaking pitcher weren't crisp so instead of trying to make them work, and walking people. He just threw strikes and let the fielders do all the work. The result, only one run on nine hits, and no walks. Oh yeah, after his home run tonight Curtis Granderson is a stolen base away from being the 3rd person this century to steal 20 bases, and hit 20 double triples and home runs. I still can't believe this is only his second full season. Hopefully he can get that historic 20 swipe tomorrow night...when I'll be there in the stands naturally. As I write this the Yankees lead the Royals, and the Indians trail the Angels. So hopefully this win can close the gap in one of the races.

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