Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Game 126 Recap

Later hours at my job, work on the new house, finalizing an upcoming wedding , team playing like crap. Not a good recipe for regular viewing of the Tigers. But tonight I was able to catch most of the game in between picks of my first Fantasy Football Draft of the year (LT with the 1st pick woohoo!!! Kevin Smith in the 10th..steal!).

If it weren't for Armando Galarraga the Tigers would be fighting Cleveland for last place. And if they played more often like they do when Armando's on the mound they'd be fighing for first. It seems like every time Galarraga's on the mound, the Tigers score double digits. In my not very thorough research, I counted the Tigers have score 6 or more runs in 7 of Galarraga's 12 wins. And imagine if Texas had kept Galarraga? An extra 10 wins would be putting them in the thick of the Wild Card race.

Matt Joyce is making his case for the starting LF spot for 2009 with authority. 2 Big HRs drove in four runs tonight. He also helped 3 unearned runs score to cap a 9 run 7th when a fly ball off his bat, confused the Texas outfielders and dropped to the ground. And hey, looks who decided to play? Gary Sheffield drove in a run on two hits. Sheff has 9 hits and 7 RBI in the last 5 games he batted in. Hooray to building trade value!

All in all, finally a good night to be a Tiger fan. And probably the last time I'll be catching a Tiger game until I'm back in Michigan on Saturday. Just hoping this is the team that shows up to play when I'm there next Tuesday

Tigers 11 Rangers 3
W: Galarraga (12-4)
L: Padilla (12-7)

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