Monday, March 05, 2007

One Step Closer

Despite what the single digit wind chill might lead you to believe, spring is just around the corner. I've been listening to the Tigers through the magic of XM's MLB coverage. More evidence of spring's impending arrival, the first televised game (well live game, not a replay) of the year for the Tigers, today vs. the Yankees. Due to my employer not allowing me to blow off work to watch the game of the TV in the lobby, I was relegated to record it on the DVR and wait until I came home to watch. ESPN's brilliant strategy of airing ESPNEWS for 10 minutes prior to the game, spawned a mini panic attack when doubts of whether or not I recorded the right channel. After hearing about Dwyrama Wade will not have surgery and attempt a heroic comeback from his horrific boo-boo, and what NFL free agents the Lion didn't sign, the game had begun.

As for the game itself:
  • Placido Polanco is a base hit machine.
  • The Tigers were taking a lot of pitches, drawing seven walks. The bad part is when they swung, they missed resulting in 10 K's for Yankee pitchers
  • Zumaya hit triple digits. Didn't really see his 95 mph sinker.
  • Gil Felix Heredia didn't really sell himself on filling that LOOGY spot on the roster. Two hits, a wild pitch and the giving up the game winning HR to Bronson Sardinha, who sounds like a player that the computer creates seven years into a season on a video game.
Still though take it for what it is, a spring training game. Meaningless in the standing, but one step closer to April 2nd. Now back to reading "Baseball Between he Numbers" one more time

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