Friday, March 30, 2007

Well Crap...

As I was writing the previous "Ode to April" post below, it turns out the Kenny Rogers situation, is worse than originally stated. I'm probably the last person to put up a post about this in the Tigers blogosphere, but here's my somewhat rosy outlook.

Better now, than July or August. The Tigers currently have Chad Durbin slated to take over the spot. If Durbin falters, there are Wil Ledezma, and Zach Miner, who filled in for an injured Mike Maroth last year. Deeper down the line are Jordan Tata and even Andrew Miller who could fill the role. Plus I wouldn't mind Marcus Thames seeing a little more playing time as possible bait for a trade to replace Rogers. Thames along with any one of the aforementioned pitchers (minus Andrew Miller who is untouchable) could bring in a serviceable starter. For example the Angels are a little short at the outfielder position, would Thames and Miner and maybe a lower level prospect for Kelvin Escobar be a possible deal? I'm sure if no one can fill the spot, Dave Dombroski will be on the case, pursuing a deal.

Two years ago this might have been a serious shot to the team. Of course in 2005 Jason Johnson, was the teams #1, so maybe not. But like last year the Tigers showed that they are deep enough with pitchers that they can sustain an injury. This is a blow, but not catastrophic. Plus it allows Bobby Seay to join the team as another lefty in the bullpen.

But not all news out of Tigertown is bad news. The Tigers beat the Yankees today 6-2, fueled by five shutout innings by Justin Verlander. Plus, the Tigers locked up Carlos Guillen with a 4 year $48 million extension. Now when the rest of the baseball world realizes that Guillen is one of the best shortstops in the MLB, they'll see it with Carlos wearing the Olde English "D". So there's some good news heading into Opening Day. Here's hoping for a gem by Bonderman to prolong it.

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