Monday, April 02, 2007

Opening Day 2007

Well by now the Tigers first game of the season has been recalled and dissected by many. Here's a few bulleted game observations of mine, and some really bad cellphone camera pictures
  • Parking was insane downtown. Whether this was due to all the people tailgating for Opening Day, or this will be commonplace due to the expected jump in attendance, remains to be seen.
  • While the first and tenth inning pitching lapses cost the Tigers the game, from innings 2-9 there were only four hits and two walks.
  • Sheffield and Vernon Wells launched foul balls into the upper deck pretty deep down the third base line. Wells landed in what looked to be a few rows in front of the top in somewhere in the 340's
  • Tigers hitters did a good job s of taking and fouling off pitches. Halladay left in after the sixth inning after throwing over 90 pitches.
  • Other than the misplayed bloop hit, and a bobble at first base, the fielding looked solid. especially Carlos Guillen.
  • Todd Jones, one inning. That's the way it should be.
  • Toronto came out very aggressive, two stolen bases in the first inning.
  • Kind of disappointing to see some on the record crowd head to the aisles after Rodney gave up the first run in the top of the 10th.
  • All in all, great weather, and a pretty good game. while the Tigers did lose, they looked good and there are 161 games left to go.

After Every game, I'm going to single out my pick for the top and bottom performers of the game the Inaugural edition of Tiger Hero/Zero goes like this:

Tiger Hero:
Placido Polanco
While Sheff might have had two sac flys for RBIs. Placido had a RBI of his own and went 3 for 5.

Tiger Zero:
Fernando Rodney
Sorry Fernando, but you had Frank Thomas at 0-2 and plunked him to load the bases, then had Glaus down 0-2 then gave up the hit that put the Jays ahead.

Here's my Scorecard

If you squint at the white flag in the center you'll see the AL Champions banner

Here's how the first pitch looked from my seat

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