Friday, July 06, 2007

Game 84 Recap

Tigers 9 Red Sox 2

Oh that felt good. There are few things I despise more than Red Sox fans, and by fans, don't mean people who follow the Red Sox, I mean the obnoxious A-holes who come out of the woodwork in every city that Boston plays...sort of like locusts. Exhibit A: The guy last year who was yelling "1984!" every five minutes. Well even a lopsided score like this rarely shuts them up, but it make me feel better. As for the game, first of all they should put a warning on HDTVs whenever Julian Tavares is pitching. Now I know the reason why he is so angry. I'd be pretty ticked off at life if my face looked like it was a landing strip for bottles of sulfuric acid. His pitching was ugly as well, as the Tigers knocked him around for 8 runs on 10 hits. Andrew Miller bounced back from a shaky start against the Twins to pick up the win in his longest outing as a major leaguer. Miller did walk 4 which is way too many walks to give to a great hitting team like Boston, but only gave up one run thanks to his 6 K's and some fine defense. The most glaring example was Grandy's laser from center field to nail Wily Mo Pena at the plate in the 3rd.

Tiger Hero:
Marcus Thames. The River sent two balls deep tonight. One was to straightaway center for a sac fly, the other was over the left field fence for a grand slam. C-Mo is very, very nervous.

Tiger Zero:
Neifi Perez. He needed stimulants to help him play like that?

Tigers Record:
W - L
50 -34
Tied for 1st Place in the AL Central

I'll be at the game tomorrow...then off to Atlanta. See you all late next week!

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