Sunday, July 22, 2007

Game 96 Recap

Tigers 2 Royals 5

I didn't catch really any of this game. I spent the first inning or two switching between the game and the last holes of the British Open. Then I went out on the golf course and performed my own Sergio Garcia impression. 4th round Sergio...not 1st 3 rounds Sergio. With a hot Royals team coming into town, and the looming 11 games in 10 days, I kind of expected this series to be a let down. Not that it makes losing a series to the Royals any better. But the Tigers do still get to play the last place team in the AL Central, as the White Sox have moved into a tie with the Royals for the bottom team.

Tiger Hero:
Craig Monroe. Without the threat of Marcus Thames taking his job, he seems to have reverted back to the hitter we thought he least for two games.

Tiger Zero:
The 2-6 hitters. They were 1 for 17 today. with that one hit not coming until the 9th inning.

Tigers Record
W - L
58 - 38

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