Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Game 106 Recap

Tigers 3 A's 7

Yes another lead blown by the bullpen. It seems so second nature to me right now that it doesn't even register anymore. I know much ado will be made over Dave Dombroski's not making any moves, but what was he supposed to do? When GM's are asking for Cameron Maybin and Jair Jurrgens for middle relief, the best thing Dombrowski could of done is nothing. People may point to the fact that John Smoltz was traded for Doyle Alexander. While that worked out great for the Tigers that year, it worked out even better for the Braves for 15. with no real difference maker available (Gagne excluded because he would not of agreed to come to Detroit) I have no problem with the Tigers standing pat and hoping Rodney and Zumaya return to 2006 form. If they're wrong, we get a roller coaster finish were the tiers may or may not make the postseason. If they do well who's going to beat this Tiger team with a healthy bullpen? Anyways...back to tonight's game. Another game given away. What do you expect when you give a team 7 free baserunner? Luckily for the Tigers, Cleveland has been just as bad as the Tigers lately and they don't lose any ground tonight. Hopefully they can pull out a win tomorrow afternoon and take advantage of a long home stand.

Tiger Hero:
Sean Casey. Drove in a run and was 2 for 4 tonight.

Tiger Zero:
Tiger Pitchers. It tough to win when you surrender 10 hits and walk 7.

Tigers Record:
W - L
61 - 45
1st place AL Central (Cleveland 1 GB)

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