Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Game 126 Recap

Tigers 8 Indians 11

Another game, another Jekyll and Hyde performance from the Tigers. The team that looked confident and in control yesterday stood aside and let the Pistonesque "Showing up should earn up a win" team take the field. Yes, I might be stewing a little after giving away my tickets to yesterday's game as a gift, and having to watch this game sweating in SRO in right field. Still, my point is that if the Tigers are going to do anything in the post-season...or even get there for that matter, they have to be consistent. The team is back to full strength, so no excuses...just go out and win.

Tiger Hero:
MaggsVP. Keeps the hits coming and now stories of his exploits have it's own website.

Tiger Zero:
Curtis Granderson. Another 0fer and made an error to let a key run score in the 8th. This isn't the Curtis I know.

Tigers Record:
W - L
68 - 58
2nd Place AL Central (1.5 GB Cleveland)

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