Sunday, August 12, 2007

Game 117

I missed Friday's game due to attending my 10 year high school reunion. It seems I one of the few people not to gain 10 or 50 pounds, get married (yet...), get divorced, or reproduce. So while the Tigers may have been blown out, an open bar and fat high school quarterbacks made me feel like a winner.
Speaking of winning the Tigers did just that yesterday. Being there for the game I have one thing to get off my chest. There is a new usher patrolling section 148 that is a huge asshole. We were told repeatedly to sit down in the 8th and 9th innings. They even went so far as to kick out a guy (anyone who sits in left field will know him as the guy who sings the "Go get 'Em Tigers" song near the end of the game). Maybe this was directed at the Singer guy, who was loud for a majority of the game, but it was nothing obscene or offensive. Just a guy who had a beer or two too many. Where are these guys when people try to start the wave? early season slump is now behind me, the last 5 games I've been to the Tigers have been victorious. A great win yesterday, and I'm hoping they can keep it going today.

Detroit (64-52)
P Polanco 2B
M Thames 1B
G Sheffield DH
M Ordonez RF
C Guillen SS
R Raburn CF
C Monroe LF
M Rabelo C
B Inge 3B

Oakland (56-61)
S Stewart LF
N Swisher CF
J Cust RF
M Piazza DH
M Ellis 2B
M Scutaro 3B
D Johnson 1B
D Murphy SS
R Bowen C

Tigers - Nate Robertson LHP (6-9, 4.94 ERA)
A's - Dallas Braden LHP (1-6, 5.12 ERA)


Tigers 11 A's 6

Magglio Ordonez is without a doubt this season's MVP (for the tigers anyway). As if he needed any move evidence, he hit two home runs in one inning today. Something only Al Kaline has done in a Tiger uniform. Magglio drove in 4 runs bringing his season total to 102. he's just 2 behind his total for all of last year and 33 away from tying his career best. Not to be lost in all this offensive insanity, Placido Polanco tied the Major League record for games played at 2nd base with out an error, a record set earlier this year by Luis Castillo.

Tiger Hero:
Maggs. 2 hits, 2 home runs, 4 RBI.

Tiger Zero:
I fear 6 runs allowed might not good enough to get wins against Cleveland and the Yankees. The pitching can be better.

Tigers Record:
W - L
65 - 52
1st Place AL Central

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