Friday, June 05, 2009

Game 53

On a boat. On a boat...

I'll be leaving for Puerto Rico this weekend, as my wife and will be on a cruise around the Caribbean. Judging by the way the Tigers have been playing, maybe its for the best I'll be taking a vacation from them as well.

Another anemic performance from the bats, making a guy having a subpar season so far (Ervin Santana) look super. Maybe Santana and Zach Grienke (7 runs on 9 hits tonight) swapped bodies like in some wacky 80's movie starring Kirk Cameron.

Justin Verlander played the part of Tiger Tourniquet, stopping the bleeding with 8 innings of shutout baseball. But Fernando Rodney came in and blowed it up real good. Give the Tigers credit for not quitting, as the tying run was 90 feet away, but Curtis Granderson couldn't drive him in.

So off to vacation I go, hoping to still see the Tigers in first when I return.

Tigers 1 Angels 2
W: Santana (1-2)
L: Rodney (0-1)
S: Fuentes (15)

Tigers Record:
W - L
28 - 25
1st Place AL Central (2 games ahead of Minnesota)

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