Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Game 65

The Tiger's Rally Car

Unlike the quick mercy killing of last night, tonight's game played out like a slow drawn out death.

And hey, wouldn't you know it, another bases loaded walk for a Tiger Pitcher. Zumaya's walk ended up being the run the Cards needed to stay ahead of the Tigers. Edwin Jackson gets saddled with the loss, which is unfair as he pitched well enough.

Curtis Granderson, Miguel Cabrera, and Brandon Inge seem to be the only Tigers able to hit it out of the infield lately, as they combined for 7 of the Tigers 9 hits. Is anyone else concerned that Adam Everett has as many home runs as Magglio right now? Even sadder for Maggs, with that number being 2.

Yet somehow the Tigers are managing to stay ahead in the monkey humping a football of a division called the AL Central. Let's hope Porcello is Italian for stopper, or this could be a loooong weekend for the Tigers.

Tigers 3 Cardinals 4
W: Wellenmeyer (6-6)
L: Jackson (6-4)
S: Franklin (16)

Tigers Record
W - L
34 - 31
1st Place AL Central (2 games ahead of Minnesota)

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