Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Games 50 & 51

Strange past two games for the Tigers offense. Last night 1 run on 9 hits. Tonight 5 runs on 3 hits.

Last night the culprit was double plays, and going 2 for 11 with RISP that did them in. Tonight it was Josh Beckett who held them hitless until the 7th. Only a couple walks and 3 errors let the Tigers get some runs in.

As for the pitching the past two games, yesterday Rick Porcello and Ryan Perry looked like rookies. Porcello's win streak came to an end, while Perry walked 3 in a about an innings work. Tonight Armando Galarraga wasn't terrible, but he really didn't make a case to stay in the rotation when Jeremy Bonderman returns Monday. My guess is that Monday's double header will be Armando's last start, barring injury or the Tigers shutting down Porcello later in the year.

In the series finale, its Wakefield vs. Willis. Wakefield has either been lights out or blown out this year, with his May being the latter. Let's hope for the Tigers and Dontrelle that remains the case.

Tigers 1 Red Sox 5
W: Matsuzaka (1-3)
L: Porcello (6-4)

Tigers 5 Red Sox 10
W: Beckett (6-2)
L: Galarraga (3-6)

Tigers Record:
W - L
28 - 23
1st Place AL Central (3.5 games ahead of Minnesota & Chicago)

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