Monday, September 18, 2006

Chicago showdown

The good news, the Tigers all but clinched a playoff spot with an 8-2 win earlier tonight. The Tigers are 6 games up with 12 to go. Even if the Tigers go 5-7 the rest of the way the Sox would have to run the table to pass them. Even better news, Magglio has seemed to have found his big boy pants, and is hitting like a clean up hitter again.
Now for the bad news, even if the Tigers get shutout the rest of the series, they still would have scored more than the Lions did. I've done enough defending of this team the past 2 weeks, so go ahead get it out. Naked coaches, 40 points on the field, guaranteed wins, Matt Millen, let me have it. At least Brett Fahverah and his amazing, magical, mystical, turnover machine of an arm is coming to town this Sunday.

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