Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend roundup

This past weekend Bill Laimbeer coached the Shock to their second WNBA championship in 3 years. I mention this for two reasons, the Shock were the only Detroit team to win this weekend, and Laimbeer in all probability has parlayed this success into becoming the next head coach of the Pistons, probably after this season's early playoff exit. Still it could be worse, I could be living in Cleveland.
Tigers vs. Twins:
Well one more series, more games in which the Tigers are outhit. It simple really, the Tigers need to remember how to hit or they will be spending October watching other teams. They have a very favorable schedule, the only team at least 5 games above .500 that they play is Chicago next week. Texas, Baltimore, Toronto, and Kansas City are just the teams to conduct batting practice on while the Twins and the White Sox battle Oakland, the Angels, a resurgent Cleveland, Boston and each other. The schedule favor the Tigers, they just need to produce. All the past months struggles will be forgiven with a late push and a fresh start in October.
Lions vs. Seattle:
The Lions hold the defending NFC champions to 9 points, Shaun Alexander to 50 yards and 2.1 yards per carry, and did not allow the number one red zone offense in the league last year to score a touchdown, yet all I hear is how much the offense sucks and how they should have won the game. A stark contrast to the expectations of a massacre before the game started. Yes the vaunted Martz offense wasn't firing on all cylinders, but for the most part this was the first time all the pieces have been together in a game. They moved the ball well with some exceptions. Most people that saw the game, including me, were stunned to find out the small amount of yards gained by Kevin Jones. He looked 2004 good, minus the fumble. Did I mention this was a team that played in the Super Bowl last year, and had added an All-Pro linebacker in Julian Peterson, and had Ken Hamlin, who was out for most of the year last year, in the lineup? This was a step in the right direction...the Lions will still lose to the Bears in another 9-6 crapfest on Sunday, but they're getting better. Maybe Martz should follow Joe Cullen's lead and run a few naked bootlegs?

BOO HAIRSTYLING VACUUM ATTACHMENTS: Robert Geathers for killing Trent Green and depriving me of a point that would have won my fantasy game

HOORAY BEER!: To Reggie Bush for catching a shit ton of balls and justifying me picking him for my #2 RB.

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