Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hooray Champagne!!!!

Two things are official today. The Tigers are in the playoffs, and the Lions are terrible. But we already knew that second one going into the season. I have heard so much crap spewed forth by Lions fans in the past years that I can't take it anymore. hear are the 5 things that I hear on a daily basis that drive me batshit insane.
1) If fans stop going to the games, the Ford's will be forced to change in order to get the fans back. This is one of the dumber ones, Most teams in the NFL get their money before tickets are even sold due to revenue sharing and the network TV deals. Any tickets that they sell are a bonus. Stop showing up, show up Bill Ford doesn't care, he's still getting paid.
2) They need to spend more more in free agency. There is a SALARY CAP. This limits the amount that they can spend. Like the Tigers in years past, the Lions are a team with a losing history. Therefore they would need to overpay enormously to get people to come here. Unlike the Tigers, the Lions do not have bottomless pockets in which to pursue players. They have to offer what they can and hope they win out.
3) Charles Rogers and Mike Williams have talent and need to play. Charles Rogers has been useless since his drug suspension. The reason why he was so good was his speed. He's not a big guy, so the only way he could beat defenders would be to run past them. He is no longer past, hence he is no longer anyone. Miami has two former coaches and his former QB, and they still didn't sign him, what does that tell you? As for Williams, I still think he can be saved. He has to realize that this isn't USC, and he actually will have to show up all week and contribute. Once he learns this (the sooner the better) he will line up opposite Roy.
4) If Millen left the team would get better. He is NOT going anywhere, sorry. He signed a five year extension after last year, he isn't getting fired. The only was he's going is if he quits. Which if it hasn't happened yet, isn't happening any time soon. Even if they do get rid of him, it would first require hiring someone that can run a football team, then a few years to weed out all the mistakes that the past leaderships had loaded the team with. Sound familiar?
5) The Lions show no signs of getting better. The Lions employ the same defense as Chicago. Chicago's first year the were 5-11, 2nd year 11-5 and the #2 defense in the league. Will the Lions do the same thing? Other than the 5-11, no. The defense right now simply does not have enough raw talent to make their inexperience in the system work. But once the team learns the defense they will be better. As for the offense, today Kitna threw for 350 yards and the team ran for over 100. The offense is stating to work. Still they should beat fucking Green Bay. I'll check back with the Lions when the baseball playoffs are over.

Get used to it Rod and Mike.

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