Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just in Time for Christmas

The Tigers just released the ticket prices for the 2007 season. I expected to see prices go up, and they did, but only in 5 sections. Better yet, with the exception of the $2 hike in the bleachers, prices only went up $5 for each section. The most expensive ticket in the park is $65, which is only $15 more than a cheap seat at Ford Field. More importantly, there were no price change in the seats I have. I sure there will be some people bitching about the bleacher seat going up, but come on for $10 you get to see (I never thought I'd be saying this) the defending AL Champions play. Tickets to see the Mud Hens will run you about that much as well, and as back to back IL champs, they are just as good of a value. So with all the outrage over the playoff ticket prices, it's good to see that the Tigers organization gave the fans a little reward by keeping ticket prices for over half of the seats in the park, the same.

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