Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mayor gets elected to a new term & WTF Pistons?

Sean Casey signed a one year extension today. So it appears that the first base situation is the same as last year's. In the press conference today it was made apparent that Casey in the starter, and Chris Shelton's roster spot will have to be earned. So put to bed the ideas of Sheffield playing first, a trade for Adam LaRoche, or signing Aubrey Huff. It appears that his playoff hitting prowess, easy-going demeanor, relatively cheap cost (and the fact he actually wanted to come back), made Sean Casey a Tiger once again.

So the line-up more than likely looks like this:
CF Granderson
2B Polanco
SS Guillen
DH Sheffield
RF Ordonez
C Rodriguez
1B Casey
LF Monroe
3B Inge

So he isn't your typical power first baseman. Big deal, the Tigers already have enough guys that can hit the longball. He was probably signed for what he brings to the clubhouse just as much as what he brings to the field. Sort of a karmic balance for what Sheffield (supposedly) brings. Casey's going to go out, hit around .300 and play solid D. What more can you ask from a guy that more than likely will hit 7th? With Sheffield there will be more pitches for the guys around him to hit, and more guys on base for the bottom of the order to drive in (in theory). And if it doesn't work out, well it's not like the Tigers don't have a wealth of pitchers to trade for a first baseman next August.

Back in the Olde English "D"...for one more year

On to the hardwood. So Pistons, last night, anyone ever hear of BOXING OUT THE FREE THROW SHOOTER??? Alright, I got that bit of pent up frustration out of the way, What the fuck Pistons? It's not the record, it's early. Only five teams are above .500 in the East. It's not that Ben Wallace left, Chicago isn't doing any better than the Pistons. The most frustrating thing so far this season has been the story of the two teams this year. In the wins they have owned the boards, and scored most of their points within fifteen feet. In the losses, there have been turnovers, poor rebounding, and poor shot selection.

So why can't there be more of the first team and less of the second one?

Some say the coach is to blame. To those who say that, who would do better? Name one guy who's not coaching right now that would do better ? All kidding aside, it's not Flip Saunders coaching that is making them miss open jump shots and free throws. One of the biggest complaints is that he worked the starters too hard and they were tired for the playoff run. With apologies to Herm Edwards, you play to win championships, not one game. So this year he's using the bench. Nine players have averaged over 12 minutes, and only Rip Hamilton has played over 35 per game. It's not like a bad start will doom them to a lottery pick. So everyone settle down, have a Fresca, and we'll ride this one out. There's still 74 games to go. If they miss the playoffs, then we'll talk about a change in direction.

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