Friday, November 24, 2006

A Thanksgiving Tradition...of sucking

The Lions got their asses kicked by this guy.

It started off good yesterday, 2 drives two scores. I was happy, then S.O.L. (Same old Lions) Syndrome kicked in. That's when I started drinking. Now that the turkey and scotch induced hangover has subsided, I speak with a clear (well as clear as I get) mind.
I give up. I tried I really did. I didn't expect much this year. I set my expectations real low. I did buy some of the preseason hype(in retrospect listening to Peter King has never been a good idea). But, I still made excuses, and defended your faults. The defense is still learning the system, when the offence clicks in they're bound to beat a few teams. How do you go out and repay my loyalty? Getting blown up by Joey Harrington.

Joey. Fucking. Harrington.

Fool me once shame of you, fool me for the better part of two decades, shame on me. The worst part is I can't even be happy with the high draft pick, because Millen will screw it up. So were done for this year. I'll still root for Roy Williams because he's on my fantsay football team, but I'm adopting a stance along the lines of Springfielders in the Halloween episode where the billboards come alive and start wreaking havoc on the city.
Cue Paul Anka: "Just don't look, just don't look."
Maybe that will get the monster that is Matt Millen to retreat to the hills of western Pennsylvania for good.

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