Monday, December 11, 2006

Tigers sign Jose Mesa...¿Qué?

ESPN is reporting the Tigers have signed Jose Mesa to a $2.5 million one year deal.
- Didn't he play shortstop for Jim Leyland back in the day?
No that was Jose Lind.
- Oh. Wait, is this the crazy guy with the hot wife that pitched for the Tigers in the 2001 season?
No that was Jose Lima.
- Well who the hell did the Tigers get?
A 40 year right handed reliever, who best known as the guy that blew the 1997 World Series for the Indians, and having a purple glove in Colorado
Yeah I got nothing. Some in the Detroit Tiger Weblog comments see this as a preemptive stocking of the bullpen for a forthcoming trade. Mack Ave. and The Fungo have nothing but question marks.
My take, who the hell knows. Maybe this is DD's way of throwing people off the scent of what he really is trying to do, or maybe he signed another guy he and Jim have an inexplicable boner for (Neifi, anyone...seriously someone please take him). Hey if he can field a grounder he's alright in my book.

Only 66 Days until pitchers and catchers report.

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