Monday, December 04, 2006

You can't spell "botches" without BCS

The big deal going around here is how a local school got screwed out of a BCS Championship game berth...Eastern Michigan University.

The Home of the Big Brick Dick, got screwed.

Surely, you think I must be joking. Here are the facts: Florida lost to Auburn, who lost to Georgia, who lost to Vanderbilt, who lost to Mississippi, who lost to Missouri, who lost to Iowa St., who lost to Kansas, who lost to Toledo, who lost to...that's right , my alma mater, Eastern Michigan. Why aren't the Eagles in the national title picture? Some say it's the fact they only won one game, others point out that many high schools in the area would of put up a better fight against Ball State.But the fact of the matter is the Eagles beat the team, that beat the team, that beat the team, that beat the team, that beat the team, that beat the team, that beat the team, that beat the team, that beat Florida. Which clearly makes them the 2nd best team in the land.

Faulty logic you say? Well I think it makes as much sense as voting for Florida because you "don't want to see a rematch" right, Jim Walden? If you thought U of M was #2 vote them #2. If you think Florida is #2 then vote them #2, but don't vote because of what match-up you'd like to see. I'd like to see Army face Kent State in a rematch of their 1970 classic, but that ain't happening.

Also I would like to point out that Urban Meyer is a douche.

The next volume Urban read was titled "Whine like a little bitch"

In between moaning about Michigan already having their shot, he found enough time to make a game plan of not fucking up more than the other team on his way to an SEC championship. When coach of a Utah team that went undefeated and was the first mid major team to reach a BCS bowl. Back then he felt an undefeated record was good enough to show that Utah belonged. "It's not our fault we play, who we play." he was quoted as saying. Well it's not Boise State's fault Urban. If you were a real man, you'd give the country the clash of undefeated teams it so desperately wants, but he won't. Beware Urban, karma wears a sweater vest.

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Corey said...

I love it. I pasted this link into the poker forum I go to - in the sports/betting section. Here is the link so you can see how they respond.