Wednesday, January 31, 2007

14 more days...

After watching the replay of the ALDS Game 2 on FSN, and catching an interview with Ernie Harwell on the MLB network on XM, I'm ready for pitchers and catcher to report on February 15th.

Not that there is nothing going on right now in the world of sports, it's just that the Pistons and Red Wings are slogging through the middle of their respective seasons. And by their efforts most games it looks like both teams seem dead set on saving themselves for the playoffs, at least they had better be. As for the Super Bowl, don't get me wrong I like football just as much as any other red-blooded American man, but as a Lions fan my caring for football ends when my fantasy team is eliminated. Why then am I still a Lions fan? Well it's kind of like a marriage where the spouse gets a little fatter and a little hard to deal with, but then they get a serious disease and you'd feel like a dick asking for a divorce. So you stick around hoping if they get better it changes them a little, but if they die...well you won't feel as guilty for ogling that hot brunettes at your office. That and I might actually give a shit if I didn't hate Indiana and Chicago.

So to get back on track, TigerFest and the last few days got me looking forward to spring training and the arrival of the new season. Here are a few things I'm looking forward to:

  1. Watching every game. I already will be a first hand witness to 27 home games, and finally the Tigers have a television deal fitting of a major league team. 161 Tiger games will be televised this year. I already have Rod Allen's "WOO HOO HO...HOO!" echoing through my head.
  2. The future. Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller are both top 5 prospects in their positions. The talent pool took a bit of a hit in the Sheffield deal. But the fact I can rattle off names like Virgil Vasquez, Kody Kirkland, Jair Jurrgens, and Euglio De La Cruz says something about the state of the Tigers farm system. I never thought I see the day where there was excitement about the Tigers of the future. Somewhere Rico Brogna is smiling. Most of the young guns will be at AA Erie, but I'm sure I'll take a field trip or two down to Toledo to see Miller and Maybin if the play there.
  3. In addition of the kids in the minors, the development of the young guys already in the Majors will be something to look for. Will Verlander, Bonderman, and Granderson continue to improve, or regress towards the mean? On a sort of related note, I think Granderson needs a nickname, I propose "Silky". Silky Granderson, it kind of just rolls off the tongue.
  4. The possibility of rivalries forming. In 1994 The Tigers and Cleveland joined 3 AL West teams to create the AL Central. Other than the preexisting one with Cleveland (and it wasn't really much of one), rivalries have yet to develop. With the seemingly overnight transformation from the "Comedy Central" to a division that produces 3 of the top 5 AL teams last year the games have the chance to be a little more heated. Chicago is easy to hate with noted dickbags A.J. Pierzinksisksi, and Ozzie Guillen. It is also common knowledge that Minnesota's Johan Santana punches babies to strengthen his arm in the off-season, and Ron Gardenhire pees on public restroom toilet seats. Ok maybe not, but it’s really hard to hate anything out of Minnesota. And Kansas City well now that they have Gil Mech..hahaha. Sorry KC you still suck and will be dominated this year.
  5. Opening Day. I have never been to one. In fact, due to working and school, I don't think I've seen more than one. Well not this year. The day has been requested off, the tickets are en route and on April 2 I will finally be there to soak it all in.

So there you have it, 5 out of hundreds of things to look forward to this season for a Tiger fan.

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