Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tigerfest Photos

You might need to click on some of the pictures to get a better view. Also I apologize for the haphazard placements, I am not a HTML guru and it's late Saturday night. Enjoy.

Here's one of the Tiger statues out in front of the main gate, with a winter coat on. Because it's cold, remember?

One of the many ice sculptures decorating the concourse.

Chris Shelton and Lloyd McClendon teaching you how to make contact.

A very tan Placido Polanco signing autographs. No there was not a Gore-Tex hoodie sighting.

A snowy CoPa field, which will probably be the same for Opening Day.

The First thing you see when you enter the clubhouse it this sign.

Here's Jim Leyland's fridge. Check out the bottom shelf, it's stocked with Twinkies and HoHo's

Here's the locker room, there was still the faint smell of champagne.

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