Sunday, May 04, 2008

Game 32 Recap

I thought the Tigers had turned the corner, that these let-down games would be few and far between. I guess I was wrong. Kenny Rogers pitched well, the Tigers out hit the Twins, yet they still lost. Jason Grilli's gone so we can't kick him around, but Zach Miner and Jacque Jones are still around, so let's fire away.
Jacque Jones has one hit in his last 26 at bats. He has only 13 hits on the season, tying his with Curtis Granderson who has roughly half the at-bats. His .244 OBP is dead last on the Tigers by nearly 40 points. It would be one thing if he was providing stellar defense, but as witnessed today, it would be better if he just ran the ball in or rolled it underhand to the infield. I don't think I'm alone in wanted to see Clete Thomas, Ryan Raburn, or even Brandon Inge penciled into left field soon.
As for Zach Miner, I thought he would be the key to the Tigers Bullpen. I thought he would be the 7th inning guy to pass the lead along to Todd Jones. I'm glad I was wrong, Miner's been the one low point in what has been a surprisingly decent bullpen. He's averaged a run allowed in every inning he's pitched (17.1) and walked way too many people. I don't really know much about Freddy Dolsi, but could he do much worse than Miner right now? Don't answer that. And if dropping a game after a 6 run first to get swept wasn't bad enough, the Red Sox and Yankees roll into Comerica for 7 games. Blurgh.

Tigers 6 Twins 7
W: Guerrier (2-1)
L: Miner (1-2)
S: Nathan (11)

Tigers Record:
W - L
14 - 18

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