Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Game 35 Recap: A Photo Essay

This game drained the crap out of me. They say a picture worth a thousand words, so here's tonight's game in the best pictures Google Image Search can find:

After the 4 run 3rd

After the Red Sox made it a 5-4 game

After Mike Lowell's hit gave the Red Sox the lead

After the Strikeout-throwout to end the 8th

During the 9th

After Placido Polanco's game winning hit

Wow, break out all the cliches for this one. "They needed this." "This could start something." You know after these last five games, I'll take it. It sure beats the hell out of what was coming out of everyone's mouths after those games. Now here comes the big But, it needs to be followed with a good performance tomorrow. This game means nothing if the Tigers get shutout tomorrow. Here's hoping tomorrow's the game Verlander returns to form.

Tigers 10 Red Sox 9
W: Jones (2-0)
L: Papelbon (2-1)

Tigers Record:
W - L
15 - 20

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Ian C. said...

Brilliant use of photos, r&r. That game was utterly exhausting to watch, and a near-ordeal to recap, so kudos.

Let's just hope the Tigers don't follow up an 18-hit performance with a feeble four-hitter tomorrow.