Saturday, May 17, 2008

Game 42 who gives a crap?

We've over the one quarter mark of the season, and I have seen roughly 40+ games of the most disappointing Tiger team ever. At least in the early 2000s they had the excuse of having no talent. There's no excuse for the performances taking place this year. I'm running out of ways, and the patience to write "The Tigers sucked monkey balls tonight" over and over.

Apologies go out to Jeremy Bonderman, who pitched his ass off against probably the best team in the majors, yet has nothing to show for it. One can only hope Zach Miner pitched his last game in a Tiger uniform.

Tigers 3 Diamondbacks 4
W: Haren (5-2)
L: Miner (1-3)
S: Pena (1)

Chilling Proof of Tigers Crapitude:
W - L
16 - 26

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