Friday, July 25, 2008

Game 102 Recap

Todd Jones served up a giant shit sandwich tonight. Another kick in the nuts to Tiger fans everywhere. If George Sherrill isn't a Tiger by the end of the weekend Todd jones throws one more pitch as a Tiger, I just might have to re-enact Sherman's March in downtown Atlanta. I might write a more in detail recap later, but drinking heavily seems like a much better option. In conclusion, eat a dick Todd Jones.

It's a little over an hour later. I may have been a bit quick on demanding a trade that might not even fix the problem. I do stand by my sentiments on Jones. I've defended him in the past, and defending him just rewards you with looking like a jackass in the future. Well, no more Todd. Don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass on the way out. Here's hoping to Justin Verlander bailing the Tigers out tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Todd Jones should eat a dick. However, it's not like we even need Sherrill. The Tigers could put anyone else on the roster in the closer spot and be better off than they are now. Jones is worthless. I hope he knows that.

rock & rye said...

Agreed. In hindsight I take back my trade demand, but everything else stays

Ian C. said...

I'm afraid to even ask what keywords you used in your Google search for that image.

Anonymous said...

I'm not against Sherrill joining the Tigers, especially if he replaces Jones. You just wouldn't want to give up what the Orioles are probably asking. Trades haven't been the Tigers strong point recently.