Monday, May 18, 2009

My Weekend In The D

Yay fireworks!!!

Missed the bullpen implosion on Thursday, but that was made better by the Red Wings taking the Ducks out later that night.

Missed the offensive explosion Friday, but then again I missed many things due to an open bar.

I was there for Rick Porcello's gem and the fireworks during the game and the post-game ones as pictured above.

I watched the Tigers claw their way back from a 6-0 hole to complete another weekend sweep.
And I sat today wondering what the hell is wrong with Armando Galarraga.

I'm not alone in this one, as Mack Ave Tigers ponders the same question. He gives up 5 runs the entire month of April, and in May he's giving up at least 5 per start. The main thing is that pitches he was throwing for strikes in April are now being put into play. So with Jeremy Bonderman in my neck of the woods, Armando needs to figure it out, or he'll end up in Robertsonville.

The D-Train Road to Redemption (or Perdition) faces it next stop as the first place Tigers face the first place Rangers in the next series...that is a sentence I never thought I would be typing nearing the end of May.

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