Friday, May 01, 2009

What We Learned In April

The first day of May, an above .500 record, and a half game out of first place. Not too bad, all things considered. So heading into the 2nd month of the season, what do we know?

-Miguel Cabrera is really, really, really, ridiculously good at hitting a baseball.

-Apparently I was wrong. The english translation of Jose Mesa is not "Joe Table", but "Brandon Lyon".

-Zach Miner over Nate Robertson was the right choice. May might prove Clay Rapada is the right choice over Nate.

-Justin Verlander looks to be back. He needs to be, as he has faced the #1 starter in each game he's pitched.

-Fernando Rodney thinks non-save situations are boring and likes to spice them up a little.

-The back-up catcher's position may very well be cursed.

-This may be the year Jim Leyland realizes Bobby Seay is more than just a LOOGY.

-The hype is real with Porcello and Perry. Though I think both will benefit long-term with some time in the minors.

-Josh Anderson should be the lead-off hitter by the season's end.

-Brandon Inge likes playing third base. I'd make a joke about pillows but I have no room to make fun of him since pulled a muscle getting out of bed this morning.

So those are the things I've taken in from the first month of baseball in 2009. With the Indians in town and The Carl Pavano one the mound, the Tigers can start May off on a good note.

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