Monday, April 06, 2009

Game 1

Artist Rendition of the Rogers Centre leftfield

Well that one sucked, didn't it? Verlander looked like the lost puppy of 2008, minus a few spots. The defense looked a little shaky. The offense got to Roy Halladay a few innings too late. The only real chance the Tigers had in this game is when the drunkards in the outfield started chucking things at Josh Anderson, and the umps might have called the game a forfeit. Not much to take from this game, other than it was one of 162. Now time to tune into the Michigan St ga...scratch that, they're down by 20.Ok, then, well at least the Red Wings won, right?

Tigers 5 Blue Jays 12
W: Halladay (1-0)
L: Verlander (0-1)

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