Friday, April 10, 2009

Game 5 - Opening Day

My Name is Miguel...This is my Boomstick

Ah Kris Benson, if it weren't for the millions of dollars and the Playboy model wife, I might have felt sorry for him. I had a good feeling going into this game. Home Opener, Ranger pitching, and Galarraga on the mound. Wow, I had no idea.

My plan was to watch the game on DVR after work, but I couldn't help myself. I caught the first 3 innings while at lunch. Then I turned the radio off. A phone call from my father sort of gave it away. As he was leaving he left me a voicemail that started off "WOOOOOO!!! HOW BOUT THOSE TIGERS!", so that kind of gave away the ending. Then some severe storms rolled across the area and I didn't have power at my house for a hour or two. Finally, power was restored and I continued the game from the 4th inning. I don't care if Dontrelle Willis never throws another pitch, Miguel Cabrera is that damn good. A Grand Slam to the deepest part of the park. Miguel was not the only Tiger breaking out the boomstick, as 8 of the 9 drove in a run and recorded a hit. Carlos Guillen was hitless, but had a sac fly, while Brandon Inge was the only one in the line-up who did not drive anyone in. I'll let Inge slide, as he had an amazing catch to end the first inning.

As for the question if Armando Galarraga was really the Tigers' Ace this year? Count me convinced. He shut down a Rangers offense that had scored 9, 8, and 12 runs against the Cleveland Indians. 8 Strikeouts, 5 hits, one run and one walk. More impressive I think is the 8 groundouts. In the 3 games against the Indians, I counted 14 groundouts by Cleveland pitches in the entire series.

So we turn back to you Mr. Verlander. The 4 other starters went out and did their jobs. Time for you to earn that #1 spot back. I get a feeling run support will not be a problem this series.

Tigers 15 Rangers 2
W: Galarraga (1-0)
L: Benson (0-1)

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