Friday, April 24, 2009

Games 14 & 15

Not to get all Peter King on you, but Blackberry's are pretty cool. I never though I'd be one of those turds on one, but here I am typing away. If I start talking about lattes and medical procedures involving my nether regions, please stab me in the temple. My point for telling you this? Well I had a nice little recap of Wednesday's game written during my lunch break yesterday, but apparently I haven't figured out all the tricks of my new phone so it got eaten by the interwebs. After getting home from work I was too tired to re-create my sleep deprived ramblings.
Today its not any better. So instead of going over a game that reminded me too much of 2008, I would much rather grab a bite to eat and powernap. So here's to resting up and hoping the Tigers can score the first run of the year off of Zack Greinke.

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