Thursday, June 12, 2008

Game 66 Recap

Mandy Wright/DFP

Now put Big Mig on the map if he walk it off...true dat Li'l' Wayne.

Maybe it was the pitching, maybe it was the 14-pitch Miguel Cabrera at-bat, maybe it was the "ginger ale", but something has gotten into the Tigers. Miguel Cabrera's shot in the bottom of the ninth clinched the game today, as the Tigers swept the first place White Sox.

Ok maybe the fact the Tigers starters actually strung together three good games, and maybe the Tiger offense realizes it's easier to score runs if you get hits when people are on base. Hey, whatever it was, I'll take it and more of it while were at it. The Dodgers roll into town, after dropping two to San Diego. Let's join Boston in hoping beating L.A. stays in fashion.

Tigers 2 White Sox 1
W: Jones (2-0)
L: Dotel (3-3)

Tigers Record:
W - L
29 - 37
4th Place AL Central (8 GB Chicago)

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