Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Game 76 Recap

One day at a time, one day at a time. Right, Schneider?

So, the Tigers dropped one. No big deal right? The starting pitching was bound to have a bad start sooner or later. It happened tonight with Kenny Rogers. 9 hits and 5 runs was not typical of the Kenny we've seen in the past few starts. Nine hits doesn't usually lead to good things. Especially against one of the better road teams in the majors. Kenny got out of a few jams early, but couldn't get out of them all.

Yes it was a loss tonight, but there are some positive things to dwell on. Gary Sheffield is back in the line-up and just like Nuke LaLoosh, he announced his presence with authority. Sheff had a no-doubter in the 7th, which coincidentally is where he was hitting in the line-up tonight. I like that spot for him. Put him down there in a no-pressure spot and just worry about driving the ball. If he does regain some of the HR swing, look for Marcus Thames to reap the benefits on hitting before him. Speaking of Marcus, he has 12 hits since inter-league play started. Also swinging a hot bat is Curtis Granderson, who extended his hit streak to 12 games.

but the most positive thing about tonight, was the fact that Fernando Rodney actually survived an inning of work. It wasn't 2006 Rodney, but that fact he showed that he can actually record three outs was a step in the right direction. That he didn't allow anyone to reach base, icing on the cake.

So here were are again. Tigers drop the first game of a series. All I'm thinking is bounce back strong tomorrow against Kyle Lohse. He's 9-2 this year? Really??? Is there another Kyle Lohse? Nope, same guy I'm thinking of. Well let tomorrow's start be the beginning of the regression to the mean for Mr. Lohse.

Tigers 4 Cardinals 8
W: Looper (9-5)
L: Rogers (5-5)

Tigers Record:
W - L
36 - 40
3rd Place AL Central (5.5 GB Chicago)

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