Thursday, June 26, 2008

Game 78 recap

Clete Told me to "Walk this way!"

Clete Thomas scoffs at your "swing the bat for runs". He can just stand there and it happens, twice. OK so maybe it wasn't so much about Clete and more that Cardinal pitchers had contracted Rodneyitis. It must have been a disease that someone had else had to catch for him to be cured, as Rodney was refreshingly effective today. I guess that's just the way it's going for the Tigers lately. Less than a month ago, they were playing the role the Cardinals played, hitting well but not well enough, and maddeningly horrible bullpen performance. Now the Tigers are the ones getting timing pitching and the clutch at-bat.

Yes it's only three games, it seems whomever that dude impersonating Gary Sheffield the first part of the year has been discovered and banished to Siberia. The real thing is back and swinging. Three games three big hits. Sadly, due to the rain delay yesterday, I was asleep when Sheff's bloop ended the game last night. But thanks to modern technology (thank Jebus for internet on phones to circumvent strict internet filters at work) I was following right along when Sheff served up a game tying home run today.

Another team another series win, another inch in the crawl back to the top. Now the Rockies roll into town as Inter-league play ends, with .500 on the horizon.

Tigers 3 Cardinals 2
W: Seay (1-1)
L: Parisi (0-4)

Tigers Record:
W - L
38 - 40
3rd Place AL Central (5 GB Chicago)

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