Monday, June 16, 2008

West Coast Swing Part 2

"Everyone was burying us, and they should've. They should've. We weren't playing very good. I understand that. But we were never going to give into that. Now, people are getting a little more excited again because we're playing better, so hopefully we'll continue to play better."
- Jim Leyland after yesterday's sweep of the Dodgers

Count me as one of the buryers. I didn't foresee a 8-2 homestand and the Tigers picking up 5 games in the standings. Also count me as one of the excited. You won't hear much from me these next few weeks post wise. A pending purchase of a new house, and games past my bedtime look to keep me away from teh computer. But I'll be watching/listening as much as I can. Hoping these past few games weren't a fluke, but a return to normalcy.

Go Tigers!

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