Friday, June 13, 2008

Game 67

Tigers are on a roll

This is why I love/hate baseball. Last Wednesday the Tigers were 8 games back and I was despondent. This week, still eight back, but cautiously optimistic due to a four game winning streak (and 6 out of seven with the one being the Dontrelle Willis game). The winning ways seem to stem from some outstanding pitching from the starters. Only Todd Jones and Freddy Dolsi have been needed out of the bullpen the past 4 games for a cominbined total of 5.2 innings of work. When your starters go 7-8 innings deep, there's a good chance you're going to win a game or two.

Tonight was the first shutout for the Tigers of the year. Armando Galarraga just keeps winning. Marcus Thames keeps hitting, and making plays with his glove as well. And Cory Wade, take a lesson from Daniel Cabrera. You won't like it when the Tigers are angry. When Tilde angry, TILDE SMASH!!!!

28-3. That's the Tigers record when 5 or more runs are scored. Now we can't expect a shutout every night, and I certain don't expect one tomorrow when one of Toledo's Finest takes the mound. But with Rodney and Zumaya not only looking healthy and back to 2006 levels, added to the aforementioned Dolsi and Jones; the Tigers bullpen turns from question to exclamation point. I'm starting to believe that this pitching staff will be able to keep teams below 4 runs on a consistent basis. Well maybe not everyone, but surely the 4 NL West teams they face in the inter-league series. LA, San Diego, San Francisco, and Colorado all are in the bottom 5 in runs scored in the NL.

So good luck to you, Eddie Bonine tomorrow afternoon. Keep it close and let's hope the Tiger bats do their thing.

Tigers 5 Dodgers 0
W: Galarraga (6-2)
L: Lowe (4-6)
S: Dolsi (2)

Tigers Record:
W - L
30 - 37
4th Place AL Central (8 GB Chicago)

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