Friday, April 06, 2007

Casting Call

One of the benefits of unemployed and having insomnia, is that you stay up all night and watch crappy movies. Last night's gem, "Angels in the Outfield". It featured Danny Glover as the manager, the kid from "3rd Rock from the Sun" as a kid who sees Angels that help the team, and Christopher Lloyd as the head Angel. Well since it has been like ten years since I've seen this movie, and as I'm watching I forgot that Tony Danza was cast as a washed up pitcher. I also recognized in right field was Matthew McConaughey. Even stranger was future Oscar winner Adrien Brody as a utility infielder. So this got me to thinking, if there was a movie about the 2007 Detroit Tigers, who would play whom?

Jim Leyland: James Gammon (aka Lou Brown from Major League)
Can't you just see Jim Leyland yelling at Dorn to get in front of the damn ball?
Kenny Rogers: Dennis Quaid
Both have prolonged their careers by embracing the mentor role.
Curtis Granderson: Will Smith
Who doesn't like Will Smith? Well I don't, but Grandy sure is making himself into the likable star that Will Smith seems to be
Brandon Inge: Matt Damon
Women love them, yet despite wanting to hate them, they do just good enough of a job to seem alright. The Bourne Identity = 27 HRs from the 9 spot.
Pudge Rodriguez: Marc Anthony
Diminutive Puerto Ricans whose best years are behind them. But cheer up, Marc you're with Jennifer Lopez (for now..) and Pudge you're a Hall of Famer and still have a couple years left.
Craig Monroe: Duane Davis (that guy in every sports movie)
In the background for most of the movie, yet every now and again has a big line.
Marcus Thames: Omar Epps
Good guys you wish they could give a better role to
Todd Jones: Billy Bob Thornton
If anyone could get into the psyche of Jonesy it would have to be Billy Bob, even if he is a Cards fan
Jeremy Bonderman: Woody Harrelson
To me they just look alike.
Mike Maroth: William O'Leary (Jimmy from Bull Durham)
I think candlesticks would make a nice gift for Mike's wedding too.
Joel Zumaya: Benicio Del Toro

A little old for Joel, but the bad-assery content is the same level
Jose Mesa: Ruben Blades
Veteran relief pitcher, veteran character actor.

That's all I got. Any othersf from other teams? Fill up the comments.

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