Friday, April 06, 2007

Game 3

Game 3 takes place tonight in chilly Kansas City. Justin Verlander makes his first start of the season against Jorge De La Rosa. Also since De La Rosa is a lefty, we will probably be seeing the debut of Pudge as a leadoff hitter. Although with Grandy's prowess at the plate in the first two games I wouldn't be surprised if Jim Leyland leaves him at the top of the order. This should poses as a easy start to the series as, De La Rosa has been shaky this spring. Ask A.J. Burnett what happens if you don't have control around the Tigers hitters. As for another 8th inning meltdown, I don't think the Royals hitters are in the same level as the Blue Jays, so the Tigers should be safe. Other questinos: Will C-Mo get his first hit? Will the Tigers continue to rack up the bases on balls? Will the Tigers go a game without striking out more than 5 times? Will someone other than Curtis Granderson get an extra base hit? Will Placido Polanco stay on fire?
Answers and game wrap-up later tonight.

Royals 3 Tigers 1...yeah um well that pretty much sucks. It seemed like the whole game both teams were anxious just to get the game over with. I don't think Magglio's ninja costume helped him get to the ball any quicker, yet another misplayed ball. Only three walks on a pitcher that has walked over 100 in 144 career innings, is not good. I'm assuming everyone will be calling for Jose Mesa to join Fernando Rodney and Jason Grilli on a bus to Toledo. Everyone pause...take a deep breath...settle down. It's only GAME FRICKING THREE OF THE SEASON...That being said, if the Tigers don't pull out a series win, I expect a full on tirade from Mr. Leyland if one hasn't been unleashed after tonight's performance.

Tiger Hero:
Justin Verlander. The walk total was a little high, but C.B. Buckner's strike zone seemed to change pitch to pitch. He only allowed 2 hits, struck out five, and allowed only two hits. He kept the Tigers in it.

Tiger Zero:
Everyone but Verlander and Wil Ledezma. I think the Tigers forgot that you still have to actually play the game to beat Kansas City. KC tried to lose this one, they stranded 19 men on base. No one could get anything started and the Tigers played way down to the level of the Royals.

Tigers Record: 1-2 (Tied for 4th in the AL Central)

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