Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Game 8

Anyone having difficulty finding tonight's game on TV, The Cutoff Man has an in depth list of all the places to find FSN +, on which tonight's game will be broadcast. As for the game tonight, there is a chance of rain. So getting an early lead, might be important as the game might be called early due to the weather. Hopefully the rain holds off long enough to get a full game in. A few changes in the line-up today. Pudge's foot seems to be fine, as he is slated to leadoff against the lefty Adam Loewen. Brandon Inge returns to third base, and Marcus Thames will make his season debut at first base.


Detroit (4-3)
Rodriguez C
Polanco 2B
Sheffield DH
Ordonez RF
Guillen SS
Monroe LF
Thames 1B
Inge 3B
Granderson CF

Baltimore (3-5)
Roberts 2B
Mora 3B
Markakis RF
Tejada SS
Huff 1B
Gibbons LF
Millar DH
Patterson CF
Bako C

Tigers - Justin Verlander (0-0, 0.00 ERA)
Orioles - Adam Loewen (1-0, 3.60 ERA)


Tigers 4 Baltimore 1

Well had the game ended in nine the rain would have held off, but it took 12 innings to finally win it. The Orioles did their best to try to let the Tigers win it, allowing 11 hits and walking 5; but Tiger hitters were just not able to get the job done. It took until 2 outs in the 12th inning, and the Orioles emptying the bullpen for the Tigers to get the go ahead runs. Craig Monroe did it again with a grand slam to put the Tigers up for good. The pitching got a little shaky at the end, but was flawless throughout. Verlander got into a few jams, but pitched his way out and pitched 7 great innings. Fernando Rodney and Wil Ledezma (who will be credited with the win) both pitched near perfect innings of relief, and allowed the Tiger offense enough time to win the game.

Tiger Hero:
Tigers pitchers (before Bobby Seay). The stat line speaks for itself:
12 IP 4 H 4 BB 11K 0 runs

Tiger Zero:
Tigers batters (except Carlos Guillen and Craig Monroe). 14 strikeouts, 13 left on base, 8 of those in scoring position.

W - L
5 - 3

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