Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Game 15

Jeremy Bonderman will try to pick up his first win of the season today against the Royals. The only thing keeping Jeremy from having a couple notches in the win column, was run support. The Tigers seem to have gotten their bats in order, so that might not be a problem. In addition to the Royals, the Tigers might be battling the weather. The rain is supposed to come later in the afternoon, so hopefully they'll be able to get 9 innings in. At least I hope so, since I'll be in attendance today, and don't want to get rained on. If so, I guess the weather today is my penance for the great weather I experienced on Opening Day.

Detroit (9-5)
C Granderson CF
P Polanco 2B
G Sheffield DH
C Guillen SS
S Casey 1B
C Monroe LF
M Thames RF
M Rabelo C
B Inge 3B

Kansas City (3-11)
D DeJesus CF
E German 2B
M Teahen RF
M Sweeney DH
R Gload 1B
A Gordon 3B
E Brown LF
J Buck C
T Pena SS

Tigers - Jeremy Bonderman (0-0, 2.57 ERA)
Royals - Gil Meche (1-1, 3.10 ERA)


Tigers 3 Royals 4 (10 innings)

Yet another stellar Bonderman outing gets squandered by a bullpen collapse. Two games I've attended this year, both extra inning losses. Bonderman went 7 innings struck out 6 and allowed only one run on three hits. Todd Jones couldn't throw strikes in the 9th, but still was a Carlos Guillen stutter-step away from getting his 8th save. Instead Guillen was a split second late with his throw to first and Ross Gload was safe, with Mark Teahen scoring the tying run. Fernando Rodney got in a hole and left his 2-0 pitch over the plate and deposited it four rows behind me. Curtis Granderson, Placido Polanco, and Craig Monroe were the whole offense, collecting all eight hits for the Tigers. Another rough day for Gary Sheffield, who went 0 for 5 and left 5 on base. Sean Casey yet again was up with the bases loaded, this time he popped up just out of the infield. Let's hope the day off tomorrow recharges the Tigers for their series with Chicago this weekend.

Tiger Hero:
Jeremy Bonderman. He looks like the dark horse Cy Young candidate that I hoped him to be this preseason.

Tiger Zero:
Todd Jones. Now i"m sure after this there is an outcry to make Zumaya the closer, and ship Rodney off to Toledo. Rodney got behind 2-0 on a guy that has 11 hits in the 8 games he's played. Why he's only played eight games only Buddy Bell knows. So the home run, while not excused, is understandable. The walk to DeJesus, I get that too. He has been killing the Tigers, so you pitched around him. But guys with averages of .200 (Teahen), and .195 (Sweeney) you need to get out. Chalk it up to a bad day, and get 'em next time.

Tigers Record:
W - L
9 - 6

some photos I took today...

Sheff's Chefs were up and cheering all game for Gary.

Joel Zumaya warming up in the bullpen

What a Zumaya fastball looks like on a cameraphone...actually got it on the first try.

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