Friday, April 04, 2008

Field Trip to "The Ted"

I was offered some free tickets to attend last nights Braves-Pirates game, and just like my first game last year it was an extra inning loss for the home team. The weather did it's part to make me feel at home as it was 50 degrees, windy, with a misty rain all night. There was no Mike Hampton sighting, as the afformentioned weather probably wasn't the ideal condition for someone made out of Papier-Mâchè. In fact he was placed on the DL, I know shocking. As for the game, I saw last season's enfactuation Jack Wilson commit an error, record his first hit of the season, and promptly strain his calf running to first on that hit. There was also a Chris Gomez sighting, as he pinch-hit and played 2B late in the game. The Pirates also have former Twin Luis Rivas on the team as well. Pittsburgh must be were middle infielders go to die. Another strange thing I saw happened in the top of the 10th. The Braves brought in Chris Resop to pitch the 10th. Bobby Cox wanted to bring in a lefty Royce Ring to face Jason Bay, but if he took out Resop he would only have one pitcher left in the pen. So he placed Resop in the outfield, and had Ring pitch to Bay. He struck Bay out, and Gregor Blanco comes in to play leftfield and Resop goes back to the mound. NL baseball is kooky.

Anyways, here's some photos from the game:

Tickets to the Leftfield stands were in high demand

Nate McLouth swings at the game's first pitch

The aforementioned mist coming in

The big HD Scoreboard in centerfield

A Lions jersey??? I know CJ when to GA Tech, but still...

Other than the Lions jersey, weirdest thing I saw had to be the TV's installed into the backstop wall. I don't know if you can see them here, they're the little gray things in the white wall. These TV's are less than 20 feet from home plate. Is sitting behind the plate that distracting that you need a TV to follow the action?

The old Fulton County Staduim is now the parking lot. But they did keep the Wall up in the exact spot where Hank Aaron hit HR 715, which is a cool monument.


Ian C. said...

Cool stuff, RnR. I'm really hoping I can parlay one of my trips to Charleston this year into a side trip to the ATL for a Braves game.

How's the food at Turner Field? Any thing stand out?

rock & rye said...

Didn't really sample too much. They do have pretty good Chili Dogs. Not Lafayette Coney good, but still not bad.